Daniel E. Paano dba Kana's Lens

Who We Are
image Daniel E. Paano dba Kana's Lens is a licensed brand of professional photography and videography services including but not limited to weddings, events, corporate/professional/personal headshots, lifestyle portraitures and school portrait photography. We are based in 91792 zip code in Southern California, just a few neighboring cities from Disneyland.

Our Mission
Image Our mission is to provide quality photos and videos with quality professional services. As a wedding photographer and videographer, our group aims to accommodate for what the clients have imagined for their wedding photos or videos.

The Story Behind The Name
Image Kana is the tagalog word ’anak’ (meaning child) spelled backwards. It is a Hawaiian name, a shortened form of another Hawaiian name 'Kanaiela', which means 'God has judged'. A Hawaiian form of Daniel which is an old Hebrew name which means ’God is my judge’. In the Book of Daniel, he was saved from the cave of lions because of his faith in God.

"Kana is my son’s middle name and the name Kana’s Lens came about when my son took possesion of my nifty-fifty at the age of 8. I knew his interest in photography would eventually demand better lenses. But I couldn’t take the risk of possible damage to my more expensive lenses, in his little hands at such a young age. I wanted to give him a lens that could capture great images at a low price. My nifty fifty came in handy and very soon after, that lens became to be known as Kana’s Lens."

About The Artist
Dan Paano "Myself, I’m a videographer who later transitioned to professional photographer. I ran my own budding, yet suceessful wedding videography business back in college, strictly through word of mouth, without advertising; that was still a few years before the internet phenomena. The money I earned from it helped pay for my books and tuition fees.

I took a Radio and TV class as an elective at my junior college, while capturing wedding videos on the weekends and some ENG camera work for content aired on a cable channel before I transfered to the University to finish my Bachelor of Science degree in the School of Engineering. Over the years after college, I worked as either a design engineer, field engineer, application engineer and project manager for various companies. I've been involved in the design of million dollar projects such as the Legoland theme park in Carlsbad, Anaheim Stadium, the Stadium Lofts and several Irvine Apartment Communities projects. I was part of a team of field engineers providing service to Turner Entertainment, Dreamworks SKG and Skywalker Ranch. Meanwhile behind the scenes, I continued with my photography doing weddings and portraitures mostly to family and friends.

In 2010, I returned to the business of photography licensing the Kana's Lens brand. I’ve been taking photos for over ten years now and yes, I still shoot with "Kana’s Lens"...capturing treasured moments, one photo at a time. As a contract photographer, I am hired by companies to take photos of their events like marathons, commencements, corporate parties or red carpet events. In addition to corporate events, I provide photography service for weddings portraitures, headshots, boudoir, newborns photos for individuals and model Z-cards. Today I have an ever growing network of photographers and videographers who shoot under the Kana's Lens brand. When you find yourself in need of a photographer or videographer, contact me."

~Dan Paano